Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Lawsuits

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was recalled due to numerous reports of explosions and fires, which have resulted in injuries and severe burns.

Click here to read the recall notice from the United States Consumer Safety Commission.

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On October 10, 2016, Samsung stopped all production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after reports surfaced that even the replacement phones were catching on fire.  An estimated 1 out of 42,000 phones are affected, which stems from a manufacturing defect that causes the battery to overheat.

Numerous injuries have been reported.  Samsung has received 96 adverse reports, which have resulted in 26 burn injuries as of this date.  A six year old boy in New York was injured when a Galaxy Core Prime smartphone explodedA car fire in Florida was also blamed on an exploding Galaxy Note 7.

Experts have noted that the manufacturing defect may be the result of placing unnecessary pressure on battery cells within the smartphone, which causes the battery to heat up and catch on fire. These lithium ion batteries contain highly flammable chemicals and can explode.

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