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The Law Firm of DeMarco & Triscaro is a Cleveland Ohio law practice with a rich tradition of success and legal expertise. We are Cleveland Civil Litigation Lawyers and Trial Attorneys that have more than 50 years of experience litigating cases. We can provide you with an upstanding and professional personal injury or medical malpractice attorney in Cleveland, Ohio, that has earned an esteemed reputation through usage of legal knowledge, intellectual skill, sound legal theories, persistence and hard work. In fact, as one of the leading attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, we assist clients in a multitude of fields. When you retain DeMarco & Triscaro as your legal advocate, you will never have to wonder if your case is being prepared or litigated the right way. We always prepare all of our cases as if they are proceeding to trial, which we find fosters better settlements, and helps us to achieve greater verdicts. If you are looking for a reputable attorney that will fight for you or your business, please contact the Cleveland Law Firm of DeMarco & Triscaro today to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation. We have a long and successful track record of assisting our clients prevail in a myriad of matters, including Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Business, Divorce, Child Custody, Criminal Defense, Real Estate, Probate and Appeals. Let us be your advocate!

DeMarco & Triscaro Legal Services

They are tigers in the courtroom ... That kind of passion for the client I have never seen before in any of the big firms.

Bob DeMarco is a dedicated attorney and a great listener. He has helped work with me to develop a winning game plan, and he is fearless in the courtroom.

I've recommended Joe Triscaro to everyone I know ... if you want to feel secure and safe you definitely want to have this guy on your side.

Bob's got a great reputation in Northeast Ohio, he is well respected in the courtroom, he is well respected by the judges. If Bob DeMarco is on your side you have a good and successful team member.