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Zithromax®, also known as Azithromycin, has been linked to the sudden death of adults, especially those with prior heart disease issues. Zithromax® or a "Z-Pak" is a strong antibiotic that is taken over a 5 day span. Normal antibiotics are taken for 10 or more days. It is used to treat bacterial infections (e.g. pneumonia, sore throats). Zithromax® is one of the most widely utilized antibiotics in the United States, and sales are estimated in the billions of dollars.

Medical studies have shown that the sudden death risk associated with Zithromax® is much higher than the risk associated with other widely used antibiotics (i.e. amoxicillin).

If a loved one has suffered a sudden cardiovascular death while they were on a Z-Pak please contact us today for a free evaluation. Our Cleveland Ohio lawyers are reviewing cases nationwide.

Zithromax® is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.

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