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Depakote® is a prescription medication distributed by Abbott Laboratories (currently known as AbbVie, Inc.) used to treat bipolar disorder and migraine headaches. Studies have linked Depakote® to certain birth defects. The FDA has classified it as a Category X drug for the treatment of migraines during pregnancy, which means that it may not be prescribed to an expectant mother for migraines due to the significant risk of birth defects.

Depakote® has been linked to the following conditions in children:

  • Low IQ
  • Autism
  • Spina Bifida: 10X greater risk
  • Cleft Palate
  • Heart Defects
  • Extra fingers or toes (polydactyly)
  • Premature closure of the skull (craniosynostosis)
  • Abnormality regarding the location of the urethra (hypospadias)

If you or a loved on was prescribed Depakote® during your pregnancy, and your child was born with a birth defect please contact one of our experienced Cleveland Ohio depakote lawyers today. We are currently reviewing Depakote® related claims nationwide.

Depakote® is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories.

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