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Defective Auto Parts Law Firm Ohio

Numerous accidents each year are due to defective motor vehicles across the United States. If these defects arise due to a manufacturing or design defect, as opposed to a failure to properly maintain a vehicle, it may give rise to a product liability claim.

The lawyers at Triscaro & Associates handle the following types of defective motor vehicle related claims:

BRAKES: design flaws and improper installation can lead to brake failure.

ACCELERATION DEFECTS: spontaneous acceleration or sudden accelerations can occur with certain vehicles.

ROLLOVERS: design flaws, particularly in SUVs, can cause certain vehicles to rollover.

ROOF CRUSH: design and manufacturing flaws can lead to roof crush during rollovers resulting in serious injury or death.

DEFECTIVE TIRES: tire blowouts and tread separations are more likely in certain types of tires, many of which have been recalled. Some of the most likely tires to fail include Cooper tires and Bridgestone tires.

SEAT BELTS: certain seat belt latches are more likely to fail in an accident, while others can apply significant pressure during impact compounding injuries.

AIR BAGS: air bags can fail to deploy in serious impacts and others may deploy with too much force causing injury.

FUEL TANKS: poorly placed fuel tanks may explode during an accident.

DOOR LATCHES: occupants may be ejected during an accident due to door latch failure.

SEATS: crumpling seats can cause serious injury during a rear end collision.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident and you suspect your injuries may be the result of a defective auto part please contact one of your experienced and knowledgeable attorneys today. We are prosecuting claims throughout Ohio and the United States.

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