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A Deep Vein Thrombosis or “DVT” is a blood clot in a vein in one of the legs.  A pulmonary embolism or “PE” is  clot in one of the blood vessels that lead to the lungs. A DVT can break off and travel into the main vessel connected to the lungs.  This can result in death or catastrophic injury. Our Cleveland Ohio medical malpractice lawyers are familiar with DVT and PE related cases.

What is the standard of care to treat DVT or PE?

Timely identifying DVT or PE is the key to preventing a catastrophic event. Once identified, there are various methods of treatment, which include the use of certain medications or a vena cava filter. A vena cava filter is a device designed to catch blood clots traveling from the leg to the lungs.

Prevention is also important when dealing with patients at high risk for DVT or PE. Preventative treatment includes the use of blood thinning medication or the use of a compression stocking.

Risk factors for PE/DVT include:

  • Age (Over 40)
  • Recent Surgeries
  • Obesity
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Long airplane flights

If a doctor breaches the standard of care for treatment or prevention of a DVT or PE they can be held liable for damages in the following circumstances:

  • Failure to prevent by prescribing blood thinners for high risk patients
  • Failure to identify in high risk patients
  • Failure to timely treat the symptoms of DVT or PE

University Hospitals Held Liable for Failure to Timely Identify and Treat DVT

In October 2016, a Cuyahoga County jury held University Hospitals liable for failure to diagnose a DVT. After determining that the misdiagnosis led to a 31 year old woman’s death, the jury awarded her family $1.9 million.

On October 16, 2014, Lisa Born woke up with sharp pains in her back and leg. When she was unable to walk down the stairs she went to the emergency room at University Hospitals Avon Health Center.

Despite being on birth control that increased Ms. Born’s risk of DVT by a factor of 10, she was diagnosed with lower back pain, and discharged with a prescription for anti-inflammatory medication in about 1 hour. Soon thereafter, Born’s family found her unresponsive in bed. The medical examiner determined that she died of a PE, and the jury held UH responsible for the misdiagnosis.

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